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  • Article on Cats Eye

    Cats Eye

    What is a cat`s eye

    Ans:This is the name given to the yellow ,yellow-green or gray-green variety of chrysoberyl ,which displays the phenomenon of chatoyancy because of the inclusions of numerous fine, parallel crystal needles.

    What does a cat`s stone look like

    Ans:The color is greenish yellow or yellowish, sometimes with a rather cold, almost grayish tone.Some fine stones are a honey brown. In the proper light, the near side will appear yellowish white while the brown of the far side will be intensified, creating a milk and honey effect .Cat`s-eye is always cut en cabochon, round or evil, to emphasize the cat`s-eye effect and can be fairly transparent. Due to its hardness, it takes and maintains good luster and the more pronounced and pleasing the cat`s –eye effect, the greater is its value.

    What differentiates it from other stones

    Ans:The most common cat`s eye stones are quartz, which, however, usually have a rather different color from chrysoberyl and are less transparent with brighter, but more superficial chatoyancy.If there is any doubt, they can immediately be distinguished by their different density, because refractive indices are always hard to establish for curved stones.

    Where is cat`s eye found

    Ans:Cymophanes are mainly found in Sri Lanka and Brazil, although they are not common.

    What`s the right value for a cat`s-eye

    Ans:Cat`s-eye is highly prized by collectors and connoisseurs. Its value is accordingly quite high.Very fine examples are less valuable than the principal gemstones, including alexandrite, but more so, for example, than a fine topaz or spinel .Due to its value and hardness, it is also known as “noble cat`s-eye” in this context.

    Aaradhaya Khanna

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