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  • Article on Golden Topaz

    Golden Topaz

    What is a golden topaz

    Ans:True topaz or yellow topaz is the most typical variety and no adjectives are needed to describe its color,although different shades are sometimes refered to as golden topaz or sherry topaz.

    What does golden topaz look like

    Ans:The color can range from golden to honey yellow can be golden brown or honey with a pink or red dish tinge.The crystals are cut usually into oval gems but pear and other mainly elongated shapes are also produced,usually with a crown and pavilion consisting of very many small lozenge-shaped facets which bring out th e luster of the stone.The longer stones often look darker at the ends.Easy basal cleavage make these gems rather brittle , so they should be treated with care and protected from the type of sharp blows to which ring stones are susceptible. Medium-large stones are relatively common and even very large nes are not rare.

    What differentiates it from other stones

    Ans: A great deal of citrine quartz , which looks fairly similar, is sold under the name of topaz or topaz cirine,creates some confusion on he market.The color of topaz is ,however, generally much warmer and more likely to have a orange or pinkish tone. The stone will also have a much greater luster. In any event , a quick check of the density, perhaps using one of the heavy liquids, would immediately distinguish between the two and measurement f the refractive indices would remove all trace of doubt.

    Where does golden topaz occur

    Ans: Topaz comes mainly from brazil and in smaller quantities from the Soviet Union , Japan, Sri Lanka, Burma and the United States .It is occasionally found in Burma.

    What`s the right value of a golden topaz

    Ans:Well colored , medium-large specimens of true topaz are quite valuable, but perhaps less so today than in the past. Roughly on a par with semi-precious gemstones, such as the better tourmalines, it has probably suffered from the ready availability of citrine quartz, an inferior stone, which , by usurping the name , has made topaz seem more than it really is.

    Aaradhaya Khanna

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