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  • Article on Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire is a Gemstone of Sapphire family, it is found in colours ranging from light pink to nearly red. It is found in Sri Lanka, Australia and Russia. It is appreciated for its beautiful colour and often used in Diamond Jewellery. Its pink shade is loved by girls and thus its demand in Jewellery is regular and rising.

    This Gemstone also has strong Astrological benefits. It is used in place of Ruby to give strength to Sun. Pink Sapphire if worn by people born in Aries or Sagittarius ascendants gives them visibility in public eye and improves their financial position.

    Pink Sapphire is a rare kind of Sapphire and has very limited availably. Due to its limited availability fewer people know about this Gem. My Guruji in particular had great faith in the Healing and Astrological properties of Pink Sapphire which is called Gulabi Pukhraj in Hindi. He was of the view that a weak Sun can be strengthened faster by a Pink Sapphire having a vibrant Aura than by a Ruby – Ruby in his view gave better results in Leo zodiac or when Sun is strong by afflicted.

    I have been using Pink Sapphire to get quick results where the person is suffering from depressions – due to temperament or due to short term phenomena’s. In certain cases where Sun is the seventh lord or is in conjunction with seventh lord or aspects the seventh lord – then the use of a Pink Sapphire with a strong Aura can bring a great difference in married life.

    People who should wear a Pink Sapphire:

    1. Love starved males and females, 2. People in the public eye like Actors, Politicians, Anchors etc.,
    3. Those desiring fast monetary benefits,
    4. Army officers who are in the danger of being superseded,
    5. Chefs that want to be known for their culinary skills.
    6. Those having digestive system troubles due to weak Pitta or Heat in the body.

    FAQ’S for Pink Sapphire:

    1. When to wear a Pink Sapphire?
    A Pink Sapphire should be worn on a Sunday morning before 7.30AM after washing it with Ganga jal mixed with Saffron.

    2. How to clean a Pink Sapphire?
    A Pink Sapphire has a strong affinity for grease. It should be washed in a detergent mixed in warm water and brushed with a hard tooth brush.

    3. Mantra for Pink Sapphire.
    Mantra for wearing a Pink Sapphire is Om! Haraam Hareem Haroom Sah Surai Namah – this mantra should be chanted 108 times in a single sitting before 12.00 noon.

    4. Finger for Pink Sapphire
    Pink Sapphire should be worn in Ring Finger in Gold or Panch Dhatu.
    7. Where to buy a Pink Sapphire?

    Pink Sapphire should be bought from Gem Selections the retail arm of Khanna Gems Private Limited based in Janakpuri, New Delhi.

    Aaradhaya Khanna

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