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  • Article on Amethyst


    What is an amethyst

    Ans: Amethyst is a semi- precious gemstone. It is violet,purple to almost pink variety of quartz.It is derived from Greek word amethysats,meaning “not drunken”as t was believed to protect those from drunkenness.It is the most highly prized variety of quartz.

    What a amethyst looks like

    Ans:A typical amethyst`s color is a rich violet,purple,often distributed in patches. It can also be pale,but is generally the same without overtones. It is both oval&have drop mixed cuts. Specimens of good color but with too many inclusions are cut en cabochon. Stones of 10 or more carats are often found and even larger are not rare. It has normally good luster&transperacy.With well-formed characteristically colored groups of crystals, they are used in ornaments even in their natural state.

    What differentiates an amethyst from other vaieties of stone

    Ans:The distribution of colors in striking patches or bands is characteristic.When the stone contain inclusions, aseries of discontinuous, wavy & parallel lines visible with a lens indicates amethyst.Amethyst may certainly also look vaguely similar to violetcordierete, which also has a strong, distinctive pleochroism. The much rarer variety of violet scapolite may also look quite similar ,it can only be distinguished by an expert whether it is violet scapolite or amethyst.

    Where is Amethyst found

    Ans:Finest qualities of amethyst is obtained from Brazil and neighbouring Uruguay. It is found in United States (mainly in north Califorinia),Spain and the Soviet Union, India, Australia, South Africa and many other countries.

    What`s the value of Amethyst

    Ans:The value of an amethyst is quite low for a semi-precious gem.Unlike today Amethyst was much more highly valued in the past but fell greatly with the discovery of large Brazillian and Uruguayan deposits at the end of the nineteenth century.

    Aaradhaya Khanna

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